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What is your fastest delivery service?

For local courier shipments, it’s  Emergency Courrier Service, which is same-day pickup and delivery within 2 hours from the time your order is placed (additional time required for shipments traveling beyond 50 miles).

How is mileage calculated between two points?

Mileage is computed using the haversine formula and Google Maps  data. First, air miles are derived using the latitude and longitude (or weighted center) of each zip code. Next, a 1.4 conversion factor is applied to compensate for the route the driver will have to travel in order to get from the origin to destination, considering a straight path from point A to point B is never likely.

Is my package insured?

Yes. Our Liability with regard to any package is limited to the sum of $100 unless a higher value is declared for the package at the time of tender, and a greater charge paid.

Can I be notified when my package is delivered?

Yes. Shipment Status Notification  is an extremely useful tool in time-crucial situations. This free service enables you to obtain a receipt via our website or email in seconds after your shipment has been updated. Each notification consists of pertinent information such as pickup and delivery times, signature, price, etc..

How can I get a quote for my same-day delivery?

You can get a quote here, or by calling (866) 948-4443 .

Can I use my credit card to pay for my same-day shipment?

Yes. You can use any major credit card as payment for your same-day shipment. We can automatically debit your Visa, American Express or Master Card on either a per-shipment or per-invoice basis.

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